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This website has had a trubulent past. I had always wanted to create my own portfolio website and have my own creation eventualy show up at the top of a Google search for "Kyle O'Dore." But, I was plagued with what most developers seem to talk about a lot and that is making things too complicated, overengineering. Originally I wanted to work purely with HTML, CSS and JS, but found that the development process was too slow. So I put it off. Next, after being exposed to Node, I wanted to make an almost webapp-like website, then after working with React it was a React based portfolio website. Between each step I would realize that I was taking too long, and there were shorter ways to do things, but that it could get too complicated and unecessary. It took a while for me to realize that I should just stick to pure HTML, JS and add on SCSS with Node to find a middle ground. After hunkering down, and spending pretty much all my free time after work, this website was born.

The purpose of this website is for me to create a hub on the internet where up-to-date information about me is collated for people interested in learning about me, or what I have done. All my contact details, resume, projects all in one spot for recruiters, fellow developers or future colleagues. Being a static page it requires a bit more hands on work and maintainance, but it is simple enough tht it leaves me more time to focus on more meaningful projects and learning things from books and class.

Even now working, on this page itself and the other project pages, my brain is constantly trying to look for things to improve and features to add. It's an endless process and I love seeing pages come together and know that I will be leaving a mark on the internet.