My Work


Timension is the name of the project that I worked on for mgm technology partners in Đà Nẵng, Việt Nam. Timension is an internal tool that the company is developing to replace numerous antiquated systems that they currently use. Such systems include a employee management system, a 25 year old project and task management system, multiple tools to track employee absences, and an HR tool.

The previous time tracking system only had one developer that maintained and developed the system. To fix this the company wanted to use their A12 framework that they have developed themselves to build an internal application with its own team that can continually develop and maintain their data and system. The application allows the nearly 800 employees the ability to track their working hours, the board and HR to generate reports, PMs can track and maintain their projects, employee information can be accessed and updated. It is the one-stop shop for the company to manage and view everything they could possibly want to within the company, and if there wasn't a way to do something, the Timension team could work on their feature in an upcoming sprint.

My time working with the Timension team was absolutely amazing, from the company culture, to the camaraderie between my co-workers. I was able to work on both the Frontend and Backend and deepen my knowledge of Javascript, SQL, and Java. This internship gave me the chance to work deeply with React, Redux, TypeScript, Spring Boot, and JPA. Creating an application as complex and necessary as Timension was a challenge of my ability to write iron-clad code and test it thoroughly.

Being able to also work and be appreciated as a full member of the team, despite being an intern, and being given proper responsibility to carry my own weight and be expected to deliver was amazing. It was harsh at first being thrown into the pit like that, but the team was very forgiving and gave me the resources to find my stride and develop myself into an effective team member. Eventually the senior developer on the team said I should slow down cause he was afraid I was simply working, but not fully understanding the system. I realized he was right and so I learned to slow down and understand the implications of the code I was writing and how it fit into the system's function. I learned that it is very easy to try and hack together a solution that works and also at the same time learn nothing new.

To also be involved fully in Scrum meetings and Agile devleopment, moreso than my previous internship was thrilling too. While I understand that there are people out there that do not like Agile developement, I can certainly see the merits and why it is so popular in the industry currently with the rising need for software to be developed quickly in an internet age that moves even faster.

Towards the end of my internship, the team was working on migration from the other systems. While I tried my best to be involved with discussions on the migration and provide input where I can. I was not there when the application went live, so unfortunately I can't see the project in all it's glory even though it is now live.