My Work

Java Fiddling:

Java Fiddling is a repository that I am building to somewhat emulate the Algorithms Repository on Github currently. As I have been reading through Steven Skiena's brilliant "The Algorithm Design Manual," I have been keeping an ever growing list of Data Structures and Algorithms that I'd like to implement myself and try to optimize over time. This would allow me to foster a deeper understanding of these concepts in a way that simply using them would not afford.

This repository is a CLI based application that would allow me to run an algorithm on datasets I'd provide and can modify in the source code. I would also be able to choose a data structure that the algorithm would use to see and experiment with the real-time difference that a data structure can make on an algorithms runtime.

Currently, this project has been put on the backburner as I have ended up implementing a lot of these data structures and algorithms in both Java and C++ through coursework. I cannot upload the code for those assignments to this page in case a student tries to copy my code for themselves. I will however detail the projects in other posts here on the My Work page.